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Caliber Cordless .38 Super Trimmer

Caliber Cordless .38 Super Trimmer

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The Caliber Cordless .38 Super Trimmer is a small but heavy-lifting trimmer that packs a punch. This trimmer is equipped with DLC blades made with 440C Japanese steel, that are adjustable down to zero-gap. The 1600mA lithium battery ensures a smooth and steady 4-hour runtime using high-speed technology.

This trimmer is designed specifically with the needs of barbers, hairdressers and hair stylists in mind, and is intended for best results when in use on lining and dry-shaving. The quiet motor makes this trimmer ideal for kids cuts or anxious clients. With an ergonomic design, this trimmer is easy and intuitive to use without being too weighty or sacrificing on efficiency.

Includes: Trimmer, Stand, Charging cable, Blade oil, Comb attachments (1/2, 1, 1&1/2), Universal USB adaptor, Mini screwdriver

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