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Babyliss PRO FoilFX02 Cordless Rose-Gold Double Foil Shaver

Babyliss PRO FoilFX02 Cordless Rose-Gold Double Foil Shaver

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The full-metal professional shaver of BaBylissPRO range is a perfect blend of luxury, design and high-technology.

They have been designed to achieve perfect trims and shades, becoming the perfect tools for extra-close shaves, for cleaning hairline and offer clean, net results.

Its ultra-thin floating foil system delivers a safe, close shave without irritating the skin. It is very comfortable to use, thanks to its perfectly balanced design. Its full-metal housing is not only elegant but also very resistant.

The shaving foil unit can be removed very easily for easy regular maintenance. After use simply replace the protective cover of the shaver in order to turn it off.

With BaBylissPRO FoilFX02 Cordless Double Foil Shaver, you can fuse the blend on bald fades, shave a whole head on very short hair. It enables you to even up & clean up the neckline, and eliminate stubble and stray hairs from the face for clean shaving and a perfect irritation-free finish.

Featuring NiMH battery, the FXFS2E works corded or cordless. It delivers up to 3 hours of continuous run time on a single ultra-fast charge of 3 hours only.

Its cord and cordless operation will enable you to get through your clients, one after the other, without having to stop using the unit until it is recharged.

It is ultra-fast and powerful DC motor delivers 11 000 movements of blades per minute!

Ultra-thin staggered double foil head provides the perfect cut in “hugging” the contour of the head or the face.

44 mm large shaving zone will enable you to work combining speedier performance and perfection.


Full-metal housing • Powerful rotating DC motor – 11 000 movements of blade per minute

  • Ultra-thin floating staggered double foil system
  • NiMH battery
  • 3-hour run time on a single ultra-fast charge of 3 hours
  • 44 mm large shaving zone
  • Auto cover shut-off
  • Storage pouch – cleaning brush
  • 3 m professional power cord
  • Universal voltage
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