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BaByliss PRO Barberology Barbers Comb Set

BaByliss PRO Barberology Barbers Comb Set

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Essential Barbering Combs

BaBylissPRO Barberology Barbers Comb Set is a three-piece set of barbering essentials. The set includes 22cm clipper comb, 19cm cutting comb and 19.5cm taper comb. With signature red colour, the combs create a visual contrast against all hair colours, assisting in more precise cutting, blending and fading. Made from fibre and nylon for flexible strength. Heat and chemical resistant.


  • Barbering essentials: Clipper comb, cutting and taper comb
  • 22cm clipper comb: Great for blending clipper and scissors over comb
  • 19cm cutting comb: Traditional comb with standard fine and wide teeth for different textured hair
  • 19.5cm taper comb: Great for detailing the fading area
  • Signature red colour to contrast against all hair colours
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Antistatic on all hair types
  • Flexible strength
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