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Charles + Lee Mr Eye Candy

Charles + Lee Mr Eye Candy

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Does not contain the stardust from a red carpet event, nor will it stop him from running his fingers through his hair….

But it is a damn good gift set.

The holy grail of skincare products for a man who does not shy away from putting in that little bit of extra time into his looks.

This set has every step in his routine covered without a hitch. From a body wash that’ll get him smelling irresistible every morning, to a 4-step skincare routine that is sure to keep his face as polished as his new Mercedes. Our range of natural and effective products will keep his skin looking young + dangerous through the powers of SPF and AHA’s. ;

Perfect for a man whose looks could kill, you’ll be thankful this Face wash has scents of Blood Orange + Goji Berry to let you know when he’s nearby.


  • 500 ml Hand + Body Wash
  • 150 ml Shave Gel
  • 150 ml Face Scrub
  • 100 ml Moisturiser SPF
  • 150 ml Face Wash
  • Luxury Toiletry Bag
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