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Pacinos Beard & Face Scrub with Aloe & Tea Tree 118mL

Pacinos Beard & Face Scrub with Aloe & Tea Tree 118mL

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Pacinos Beard & Face Scrub removes impurities, without scrubbing away the natural soft emollients of your skin. Infused with small particles of walnut and bamboo, this scrub helps to exfoliate unwanted particles and dirt from your beard and skin. Simultaneously, aloe vera and tea tree oil work to keep skin soft, moisturised and bright.

This is designed for men with or without beards to cleanse and scrub, while moisturising the skin and beard to leave a pleasantly refreshed feeling.

To use, wet your face with lukewarm water then apply desired amount evenly throughout your face and/or beard. Gently massage for about 10-20 seconds then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently dry off with a towel.

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